About this book

You are encouraged to use Open History Seminar: Canadian History as a supplement to the open textbooks, Canadian History: Pre-Confederation and/or Canadian History: Post-Confederation.

Please consider this resource a work in progress. It was originally conceived during a two-day, collaborative session following the SPRINT methodology in November 2017.

eCampusOntario gathered subject matter experts, Tom Peace and Sean Kheraj, a Graphic Designer, Ken Hui, as well as Program Managers from eCampusOntario, Jenni Hayman, Joanne Kehoe, Terry Greene, and Peggy French. With many cups of coffee, several snacks, a few frantic emails to friends, and a couple of curses to the formatting goddesses, we created and curated material to support learners of Canadian History.

Our aim is to grow this resource as we continue to connect with colleagues and invite them to add their expertise to different chapters of these two works.

Cover Image: Miss E. Pattie and cat, 1873. Source: Topley Studio / Library and Archives Canada, 16554.

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