Colonialism and Christianity

Interpretation 1: Word Cloud Analysis of the Jesuit Relations

The following word clouds were produced using Voyant Tools by the students in HIS 2201E: Canadian History at Huron University College in the fall of 2015. They were created from Creighton University’s digital transcriptions of these documents. A word cloud is a visual representation of the words that most commonly appear in a document. What do we learn from these images about the Jesuit Relations as a historical source?

Volume 1: Acadia 1610 to 1613

Volume 17: Huron Three Rivers 1639 to 1640

Volume 36: Lower Canada Abenakis 1650 to 1651

Volume 42: Lower Canada Iroquois 1655-1656

Volume 55: Lower Canada Iroquois Ottawa 1670 to 1672

Volume 61: All Missions

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