Pathways to British North America

Discussion Questions

  1. Each of these accounts was published for a different reason. What interests did each of the authors have in seeking publication of their immigration story?
  2. In what ways do these accounts reflect similar experiences? In what ways were their experiences different?
  3. Moodie begins her text with these words: “In most instances, emigration is a matter of necessity, not of choice; and this is more especially true of the emigration of persons of respectable connections, or of any station or position in the world.” When read alongside Henson and Benson, to what extent should we take her meaning literally?
  4. If you were required to choose only one of these readings as representative of a settler’s experiences in mid-nineteenth-century Upper Canada, which account would you select and why?
  5. Using these accounts, and your responses to the questions above, write a 100-word description of an immigrant’s experience as they arrived in Canada.
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