Local Economies and Global Trade

Discussion Questions

  1. Examining the censuses, in what ways was population increase linked to the expansion of agriculture, livestock and industry? What consequences might this expansion have had on First Peoples?
  2. Examine our depiction of this data and its original depiction in the collection of censuses. What issues do historians need to consider when using this type of data? What do you need to know about the census before using it for your research?
  3. Burns, Clifford and Peace focus on a singular example from a very specific industry. Based on what you have read in your textbook and have learned in lectures, to what extent do you think their conclusions might apply to communities located elsewhere in British North America?
  4. In Upper Canada, it is clear that something akin to a “Great Land Rush” occurred during this period. To what extent is this a useful concept to use when thinking about Maitland and other communities along the shores of the Bay of Fundy?
  5. W.D. Lawrence was a strong advocate against Confederation. To what extent might we argue that he held views that were typical of the earlier decades in the nineteenth century?
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