Perspectives on the Fur Trade

Review: Perspectives on the Fur Trade

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Perspectives on the Fur Trade
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 4 reviews
 by Raleigh KeagStrong
HIST 124

Overall a good chapter because it provided insights into the differences of the fur trade based on race, gender, and class. Slightly tedious though because of the poor writing (understandable seeing as the authors were probably not the best educated) and the last document rambles about some unimportant stuff.

 by Garrett Clifford
HIST 2500

Pretty good chapter, gave lots of insight on the Fur Trade and how these traders acting and thought during this time.

 by Tyler Clarke

Readings are very good, last document sort of rambles on about lakes and scenery, which feels a little bit irrelevant.

 by Silina Ziad Boshmaf
Journal Accounts

I believe that this week's readings are effective in providing different standpoints of people who were in the moment. This is important when analyzing primary sources because it gives a wider perspective to what was really happening (first-hand encounters); This works in our favour when dissecting written works and helps with taking the elements of fact out of it, to get a more effective analysis.