Colonialism and Christianity

Discussion Questions

  1. Based on the accounts in Documents 1 and 2, how effective were the Catholic missions?
  2. These accounts are clearly written from a Catholic perspective. Reading between the lines in this text, how do you think the Wendat reacted to these missionaries? How might the circumstances described in each document be described by the Indigenous peoples interacting with these missionaries?
  3. Compare Document 2 with the word cloud for all of volume 17 of the Jesuit Relations. How well do you think our selection represents the volume as a whole?
  4. Each word cloud represents a different decade in the Jesuit mission to North America. In what ways does it seem that the Jesuits shifted their focus over their first decades in North America? Comparing these word clouds and the two primary documents, to what extend is each source similar and different?
  5. What additional research is required in order for you to adequately understand these documents?
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